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Should Android users worry about the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c?


We wrote a similar article about the iPhone 5 in the past and came to the conclusion that Android phone users had nothing much to be jealous about. We now look at the two new models from Cupertino, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Since the iPhone 5 was released last year, there have been quite a few improvements in the Android phone space. Huge screens, 5-6 inch plus, are now available from a number of manufacturers, not just Samsung. Screen resolutions beyond retina are more common. Processor speed has increased, along with the number of cores onboard. The low end Androids are more than capable of handling everyday tasks, especially if the nexus 4 is considered low-end due to it’s price tag.

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Benefits of a Quad Core Smartphone

The power of smart phone hardware improves each generation, some of the benefits are obvious. Screen sizes become larger and sharper, improving view-ability. Batteries become bigger, making your phone last longer between charges. Then there is is the CPU, or rather the plural, CPUs. Since the number of cores present in phone CPU has now jumped to 4 cores.

Many critics of quad-core phone do not see the benefits, often citing a number of  drawbacks that outweigh any benefits. Critics state that the main reason for quad-cores phones is for playing games, especially complex 3D titles that take advantage of multiple cores, but the multiple cores would also suck out the battery life.
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