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Setup Android development with Linux

My Android development environment is on Linux (Specifically Kubuntu 10.04 LTS). Kubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu, using KDE as it’s desktop rather than Unity.

Here are some of the reasons I prefer Linux

  • KDE is a nice environment to work in. Dolphin the file manager is feature rich, and I cannot live without virtual windows.
  • Do not have to worry about virus or virus checking. I do run a virus check now and then (using clam AV), but have not installed a virus checker that slows down the whole OS.
  • Very stable and efficient with memory. Swap usage is 0 for most sessions, though having 6 Gb of RAM does help.

Below is a setup guide, though I would recommend using the links provided for more detail. This guide will not teach you Linux, nor Java, but does provide setup knowledge to get you up and running for Android development.

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