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24/7 Android development with AIDE, Git and Raspberry Pi

Most typical Android developers use a single machine to code their application from start to finish. If you happen to be a casual Android developer, that is develop outside of working hours, then access to your code is limited to when you next use your desktop or laptop. However, this need not be the norm. With some clever software and cheap hardware, working anywhere virtually anywhere becomes possible.The home office with your desktop, slobbing in front of the tv with your laptop, and on perhaps your commute on my your android phone. Here’s the software and hardware required to achieve this.

  • Desktop pc with eclipse
  • Laptop with eclipse
  • Mobile phone with AIDE and thumb keyboard.
  • Raspberry Pi with Git source control

The first two probably do not need explanation, if you are a seasoned Android developer, so we won’t explain further. However, developing on your mobile will be new to some, but before we move onto that let’s look into what glues them altogether. Continue reading 24/7 Android development with AIDE, Git and Raspberry Pi