Should Android users worry about the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c?


We wrote a similar article about the iPhone 5 in the past and came to the conclusion that Android phone users had nothing much to be jealous about. We now look at the two new models from Cupertino, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Since the iPhone 5 was released last year, there have been quite a few improvements in the Android phone space. Huge screens, 5-6 inch plus, are now available from a number of manufacturers, not just Samsung. Screen resolutions beyond retina are more common. Processor speed has increased, along with the number of cores onboard. The low end Androids are more than capable of handling everyday tasks, especially if the nexus 4 is considered low-end due to it’s price tag.

So let’s again run through the features of the new iPhone’s and compare them against the Androids, starting off with the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s is the new flagship. Apart from the new gold one, there is is little difference when compared to the older iPhone 5. The main point being that the screen is the same resolution and size of yester-year, i.e. 4 inches. I know ifans are happy with this size, saying this is the ideal size for a phone, until a bigger iPhone is made of course. But, as mentioned Android has moved on, and a 4 inch screen is considered low end.


The biggest improvement is of course the the A7 dual core 64 bit processor. The main advantage is being able to address a larger memory address space. But since the iPhone 5s has only 1gb of ram, it’s not really that much of an advantage. The newer android phones are 2gb, and the latest galaxy note 3 bumps this up to 3gb. Why, because those 1080p hd displays eat up RAM, so if anything, Androids would benefit more from 64 bit processors, and indeed Samsung are thinking the same.

The 64 bit processor is faster, and so the iPhone 5s is over twice as fast as iPhone 5, but then again so are all the latest Androids. There also the argument on whether quad or more cores is the best arrangement, we covered this in the post.

Apple also go on about how good the games will be with this new chip. But, only the die hard iPhone fans would disagree that playing 3D action games is much better on a bigger screen. The bigger screens actual let you see the details of the graphics offered by games like infinity blade 3.

The iPhone 5s also offers a Co Processor the M7, which records information such as movement while the phone is on sleep mode. This is the same feature that the new Moto X has, and will probably be implemented in more Android phones when Google open up the API.

The iPhone 5c

Moving onto the iPhone 5c, which people thought would be priced for the low end market. Not so, at 500 dollars it priced closer to the higher end. A big mistake, and Wall Street seemed to agree when lowering the price of apple stock price when they heard the news.

The iPhone 5c , replaces the iPhone 5 which is now end of line. It is virtually the same phone but enclosed in variety of colours, and made of cheap plastic. I am saying cheap plastic rather than polycarbonate because it is exactly the same plastic used in Samsung phones. ifans called it cheap plastic then, so why change just because it has an Apple logo.

To be honest, I suspect that Apple has the option of reducing the price of the 5c while still making a healthy profit, and will probably do so.

In conclusion, the new iPhones do not offer anything that will convince android users to switch. More, likely iPhone users sitting on the bench waiting to see what the new iPhone 5s offers maybe considering buying an android. All in all this all seems strangely deja view from last year.