Should Android users worry about the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c?


We wrote a similar article about the iPhone 5 in the past and came to the conclusion that Android phone users had nothing much to be jealous about. We now look at the two new models from Cupertino, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Since the iPhone 5 was released last year, there have been quite a few improvements in the Android phone space. Huge screens, 5-6 inch plus, are now available from a number of manufacturers, not just Samsung. Screen resolutions beyond retina are more common. Processor speed has increased, along with the number of cores onboard. The low end Androids are more than capable of handling everyday tasks, especially if the nexus 4 is considered low-end due to it’s price tag.

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Should Nokia sell Android Phones?

Many moons ago, the European Network providers made a collective statement to Nokia, which basically stated that they cannot compete with Android and Apple with the Windows Phone 7 platform, this is still probably true with Windows 8.

We are not going to discuss the pros and cons of Windows Phone 8, there enough articles on that already. One reason why Nokia phones may not be selling though,  is because Android and Apple have a large loyal user base. Anyone planning to buy a smartphone will base their decision on what their friends, relatives and work colleagues have. All the buzz is around these two platforms.

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